Joey the Leopard

Peekaboo peeps! I’m Joe the Leopard. I’m always up for an adventure. I rarely get into trouble since I’m so fast. I have to watch out for humans who want to catch me and I also have to avoid wildfires. My family is in danger by having less to eat these days. One day I might be forced to become a vegetarian but for now, pass the meat!

When not chasing their prey, leopards love to lounge in the trees. To help reduce the disappearance of forests all over the world, consider letting your hands air dry or use an electric hand dryer in public restrooms instead of using paper towels!

Zed the Zebra

What’s crackin’ guys? My name is Zed the Zebra. I love to swim in the pool with my friends, read books and run in the open fields. These days my friends and I have less room to run freely with all the farms and ranches in Africa. Make sure when you visit your local zoo you come say hi and donate to the protection of zebras okay?

The greatest threat to zebras is the loss of their habitat and water due to farming of livestock. When we reduce the amount of meat we eat and switch to a higher plant-based diet, we reduce the amount of farms and water needed to raise animals, giving zebras more place to roam.

Ricky the Rhino

What’s kickin’ little chickens, I’m Ricky the Rhino! My friends see me as strong and cool on the outside, but inside I’m actually a comedian. I love to roam around the watering hole with my crew and crack jokes with my friends. Have you heard this one? How does a lion greet the other animals in the field… Pleased to eat you! On a more serious note, rhinos are becoming extinct because humans want our horns (called poaching) which are worth a lot of money. I took up kickboxing and karate to protect and defend myself. Have you ever taken self-defence classes?

Do you love adorable rhinos? Sadly Rhinos are still hunted for their horns and many people speak up about how wrong they feel this is. You can speak up about issues that are important to you or that you feel need changing, such as around your school or community!

Benji the Tiger

Bonjour! I’m Benji the Tiger. I love to play with my friends, go to school, play sports, and use my imagination. I see myself as optimistic and positive. One thing that is hard to see the positive side of is poaching, something us tigers have to worry about from humans. Our land is being taken over by farming and development and we have less and less places to run freely. Hopefully one day tigers and humans can live together peacefully!

Tigers live in forests and we all know forests are made of trees, which help clean the air we breathe! You can help save forests by volunteering to plant new trees and by not buying new, wood furniture but looking for used furniture instead!

Ellie the Elephant

Jambo everyone! That’s Swahili for hello. I’m Ellie the Elephant. I love making new friends, eating leaves and bathing with SudBudz! I’m known as the party planner and event queen in town LOL. Us elephants have to worry about humans poaching us for our husks and taking over our land. We need a lot of space to roam. Did you know in the olden days that piano keys used to be made from our ivory husks? Not anymore, thank goodness.

Elephants drink a lot of freshwater and need water to stay cool. You can help preserve the earth’s water supplies by reducing how much your family uses the car. Did you know that car exhaust contributes to greenhouse gases, which in turn warm the earth’s surface and causes water to evaporate quicker?

Harlow the Hippo

Hola friends I’m Harlow the Hippo! I’m usually in the water chillin’ all day. It gets pretty hot when you’re this big. When I’m not in the water I’m playing video games like SudBudz Run. Did you know that HIPPO actually stands for all the threats to biodiversity? Habitat Loss, Invasive Species, Pollution, Human Population, and Overharvesting. Google it to learn more about biodiverstiy!

Like elephants, hippos love to be in the water. You can help conserve water by not running the tap while brushing your teeth, not taking long baths and showers and being mindful of how much water you use for other activities around the house.

Pauli the Polar Bear

Polar Bears get a bad rap for being scary but I’m actually just a big teddy bear! My name is Pauli and if I could hug and cuddle all day I would, but I have to spend a lot of time hunting for food. Have you heard of climate change? In the Arctic we are most affected by what’s it called? Oh ya, global warming. Our ice is melting and we need sea ice to hunt and store energy for the summer and autumn when food can be scarce. You can help by using less energy at home and riding your bikes instead of driving everywhere!

Even though polar bears live thousands of miles away in the arctic, the ice that they live and play on is affected by human behaviors that cause global warming. A simple action you can take is to make sure that your parents don’t idle the engine when parked (that means to keep the engine running) - this will limit car emissions that cause global warming.

George the Gorilla

Salut! That’s French for hi. You may have heard of my great uncle, King Kong but I’m super cool too. My name is George. My family says I can be a bit clumsy at times, I’ve slipped on a few banana peels at school. Thank goodness I’ve got thick fur – our family has been forced higher and higher into the mountains where it’s super cold. We have to worry about getting caught by humans and our land being taken over. You can help by asking your parents to donate to the Ellen Degeneres Wildlife Fund!

Similar to the arctic ice where polar bears live, the mountains that gorillas live in are affected climate change. There are many things you can do to help such as riding your bike and taking public transportation instead of driving, turning off the lights, and spending more time outside instead of using electronic devices that uses electricity!

Pami the Red Panda

Hey party people I’m Pami the Red Panda. I mostly keep to myself and like to have quiet time. Most of the time you’ll catch me munching on my favorite snack: bamboo! I also love nuts, seeds, fruits and flowers and I like to make different salads with these. The biggest threat to red pandas is deforestation, which is the cutting down of trees. Everytime your family buys new furniture it could have come from one of the forests where we make our home. The next time you’re looking for a bed or a table you could buy it second hand!

Like many forest animals pandas live in the trees, which are disappearing due to deforestation. You can help by using less paper towel, napkins, toilet paper and writing paper and by recycling paper products around your home.

Tommy the Sea Turtle

G’ day mates! I’m Tommy the Sea Turtle. I am an expert swimmer and can travel really long distances. I love my home in the ocean so please don’t litter! Us turtles get caught in plastic everyday. We also get caught in fishing nets and people want to catch us for our eggs and shells. Make sure you mark your calendar for World Sea Turtle Day on June 16!

As you know turtles live in the ocean so we want to keep our ocean waters clean and free of garbage and debris. Make sure you always throw your garbage in the trash can, as litter can make its ways into rivers and streams, which can eventually make its way into the oceans and a turtle’s mouth.

Orie the Orangutan

Halo friends I’m Orie the Orangutan! That’s hello in Indonesian where I live. Orang-utan actually means ‘person of the forest’ in the Malay language. I spend my days swinging from the treetops so as you can imagine I just LOVE swingdancing too! It makes me sad that our forests are being cut down by the logging and mining industry. Where will my friends and I be able to play and sleep if all the trees are cut down? Check out the WWF for more information on me!

Our orangutan friends habitat is the rainforest where we get a lot of wood products in the US. You can help slow deforestation by looking for products made out of recycled wood!

Sammy the Seal

Aloha! I’m Sammy the Seal and I’m from Hawaii! Most of my seal friends like the cold waters but us Hawaiian Monk Seals looooooove the warm tropics. When I’m not swimming and catching fish in the coral reefs I’m loungin’ on the beach with my friends. We have to be careful to not get caught in fishing nets or get bitten by sharks. Climate change is also changing the water we swim in so the more kids that learn about the effects of global warming the better!

You can help Hawaiian monk seals by helping to care of the oceans they live in! You don’t have to visit Hawaii, you can be part of a beach clean up effort or if you don’t live near the ocean you just have to be mindful to never leave your garbage on the beach when visiting the ocean.

Luke the Lion

Balao friends! I’m Luke the Lion. Balao is Hello in Central Africa where I live. I spend my time practicing yoga to help keep me calm and centered. I also practice veganism which means I don’t eat meat! My other lion friends run into problems when they attack farm animals – the farmers really don’t like that. If you ever go on an African Lion Safari you might see me doing yoga poses under a tree!

Lions are known as the king of the jungle but unfortunately their land is being taken over by people. One way you can help is to become a defender of wildlife and to speak up for lions all over the world! There are many organizations and causes you can join that are working on saving the lions so they don’t become extinct.