$11.98 $10.00 (10000 Golden Coins)

Up for a mystery? Grab your SudBudz® Double Mystery Pack! Each set comes with 2 random mystery characters. Don’t worry, we will make sure there are no duplicates!


Let’s face it, bath time can be a chore. Our skin-loving fizzy bath balls make bath time easy, fun, and educational! Just unbox, unwrap and place in warm water, watch it fizz, roll & bubble!


  1. Unbox, reuse box to store items
    and stack them!
  2. Unwrap.
  3. Place in warm water.


Unlock your SudBudz®!

Inside each box is a game card where you can unlock your chosen SudBud.

Download our SudBudz® app and use your smart device to directly interact with your newly unlocked buddy!


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Enjoy your fizzy bath balls and dont forget to check your

Treasure Chest