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Scent: Chocolate Orange
Add some fun to bath time with the SudPrize Fizzy Bath Ball. This fizzy bath bomb will turn your bath water into vibrant color without staining your tub. The fresh-smelling bath bombs fizzes up, create a nice relaxing spa time for you or the kids. An included code unlocks an interactive online game, so you can continue the fun once you’re outside the bath, too.
Attention Parents & Kiddos: SudBudz® Fizzy Bath Bombs DO NOT contain little toys inside due to choking hazard; Instead, we include a Golden Ticket inside each of our SudBudz® boxes that you can use to enter your special code online and WIN Bigger & Better Prizes. Visit the Treasure Chest section of for more details.
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Scent:  Chocolate-Orange

Let’s face it, bath time can be a chore. Our skin-loving fizzy bath balls make bath time easy, fun, and educational! Just unbox, unwrap and place in warm water, watch it fizz, roll & bubble!


  1. Unbox, reuse box to store items
    and stack them!
  2. Unwrap.
  3. Place in warm water.


Unlock your SudBudz®!

Inside each box is a game card where you can unlock your chosen SudBud.

Download our SudBudz® app and use your smart device to directly interact with your newly unlocked buddy!


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Enjoy your fizzy bath balls and dont forget to check your

Treasure Chest